If you don’t distinguish yourself, you’ll get burned.

As part of our extended, two-month stay in Oregon on our 2021 Cross Country Adventure we felt lucky to get a spot at Premium RV Park just across Highway 101 from The Inn at Spanish Head. There’s a wonderful ocean view and just a short walk to the Pacific Ocean’s shore.

We were disappointed as we drove by the charred remains of the Otis Café. The Otis Café has been a pit stop on the Highway 26 route to the coast for Oregonians since the 1920’s. I remember people enthusiastically talking about the restaurant when we first moved to Oregon back in 1976. The town of Otis is little more than a wide spot in the road. Otis consisted of a gas station, a second-hand store, a pizza parlor, the post office, and the Otis Cafè. That’s it.

Anytime we were on the way to the coast, and it was near time to eat, we always stopped at the Otis Café. We love their scratch-made baking and diner fare. Their German potatoes piled high with onions and cheese, molasses bread, and marionberry pie are to die for. The Café was so popular, that there was almost always a line of folks waiting outside the little restaurant for their turn to come in.We were disappointed to hear about the tragic fire that devastated the Otis Café beyond repair. When I mentioned the fire to my friend Steve Potter, he said they rebuilt the restaurant in Lincoln City. That was a surprise! So, we set out to find it. As it turns out, their new location is only a mile or so south of the Premier RV Park on Highway 101. So off we went, curious to see what we would find. Not as small and quaint, but the same great menu. We even recognized some wait staff from the old Otis location. The new location has three times more seating capacity, at lunch time, still had a short line outside.

What I’ve learned from Otis Cafés inspiring example is that when I get hit a force like Covid-19’s devastation, I can bounce back at higher levels.The action I call you to take is find ways to ensure your quality, your service is so unique, so distinctive, that none of your competitors can match it.

The benefit you will gain is when storms, like Covid-19, hit you will more than rebound. You will bounce back bigger and better than ever.

Never get painted into the corner – a commodity!
The Best Burger In Town”

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