Start Training, Stop Complaining

At a past session of the Leadership Development Lab (LDL), I reminded class members to be prepared to report the following week on their success in implementing the On the Job Training process. We had taught the On the Job Training model the week before and everyone had identified at least one person in their area who needed additional training. We even role played, as if they were conducting the training with their candidate.


I knew from conversations with the general manager prior to the session that there was considerable procrastination going on around this assignment and some people were even implying that they had nothing to talk about, inferring there was no one on their team who needed additional training.

On the morning of the session, which started at 7am, every class member with one exception gave a good report on how they conducted the On the Job Training session in their department. A few class members admitted they had conducted their training rather spontaneously earlier that morning, just before class, since they begin work at 5am. The only person who didn’t have a report to give was the corporate attorney, who said that unless they hired some additional attorneys, there would be no one for him to train. This was a real cop-out on his part, since there are clearly opportunities in this particular company to train middle management on sexual harassment law, separation policies and many other legal aspects of personnel supervision.

Near the close of the session, I drew three circles one inside of the other on the board. I labeled the inside circle “core competencies,” the second circle was labeled “job expansion” and the third circle “career development.” I then went around the room and asked each person to tell me if they felt the training they had conducted was core competency, job expansion or career development. Over 70% of the class indicated that the training they had performed was basic core competency training. This is pretty powerful evidence to me that there is a tremendous need, not just for this company, but in my experience with most companies, to continually expand, enhance and dramatically strengthen basic on the job training.


At the heart of the quality movement is an understanding that all team members gain power from mastery of their job and that top flight, quality organizations don’t stop training with just basic core competency. There is on-going training in job expansion, career development and even more than that, everyone is cross-trained. All team members are trained in skills needed to perform the job of the upstream supply and the downstream customer.

Now more than ever, your front-line management team supervisors must be capable at on the job training. For over thirty years, Turbo’s Leadership Development Lab (LDL) has helped over 4,500 graduates develop the skills to train others. If you’d like to learn how, join us tonight for our Free Preview session in Wilsonville. Contact us for details!

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