Kick them out, keep them out

October 14, the final day of our 2020 Coast-to-Coast Adventure: finally, home. We had been gone for a full five months. We were greeted by friends, family, and a big sign that said, “WELCOME HOME!” We began to unpack the camper, suitcases, and groceries. As we were putting groceries away, we spotted the unmistakable droppings of mice. Not a pleasant surprise.

We had to do something. We can’t be worrying about the invasion of rodents, especially when we are traveling out west in the summer. Valorie, our Office Manager, lined up three companies to give us their presentation, how they would approach the problem of excluding the rodents, removing the rats, and their price.

Homes in Georgia are constructed with what’s called a “builder’s gap.” Mice, rats, squirrels, and even snakes can find their way through the gap, then go anywhere they want to in the walls. The solution is installing a metal ring, called a “drip edge’ around the perimeter of your house. All three of the representatives were likable, added to our understanding of the problem, and what was required to solve the problem once and for all.

The first representative was all about relationships. He started with by complementing us on some of our unique art. We learned he and his wife travel extensively on their motorcycle. I enjoyed the visit and gave him a complimentary copy of Motorcycle Meditations: A Vision Quest to Alaska.

The second representative got right down to business. He told us how his firm ensures that any rodents in the attic or basement are caught. They use spray instead of gas to track vermin down. He showed us a sample of the heavy gauge metal they use. He worked harder than either of the other two representatives.

The third young man quickly measured the perimeter, gave us his brief presentation, and scribbled out a hand-written proposal for us. I wrote an encouraging note in a complimentary copy of Repeat Business: 6 Steps to Superior Customer Service for him.

As you’ve guessed we went with the second representative even though his price was a little higher.

The lesson I learned from this experience is the importance of following the fundamentals of selling:

  1. Ensure your prospect understands and agrees on the scope of their problem,
  2. Tell your story with enthusiasm,
  3. Follow relevant facts with related buyer benefits,
  4. Use credible evidence to support all your claims,
  5. Ask for the order.

Now could be a good time to brush up on your sales skills. Make sure everyone on your team has the basic sales training they need to ensure your company’s growth and continuous success.

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