Simple secret of success

Day three on our 2020 Coast-to-Coast Adventure: Savannah, Georgia. Wow! We loved our tour through Savannah! There’s almost no way to express the beauty of this exquisite southern city, founded and designed into its famous squares by James Edward Oglethorpe. Savannah was the first city of Georgia, the thirteenth American colony named for King George II.

We scheduled a 2:00PM city bus and riverboat tour of the Savannah River. We finished the city tour at about noon. Time to eat! As we walked along East River Street with its many wonderful shops, we were greeted by, Michelle, available to answer tourists’ questions. I asked about restaurants that offer fish. She told us a little about a couple, and we agreed to eat at Vic‘s on the River. Our meals were fantastic! I had red fish with butter beans and lemon beurre blanc sauce.

As we were leaving, I asked to speak with the manager. Of course, this usually means the customer has a complaint, something bad is coming. I told the manager how much we loved our meals. He gladly told us about the extra measures they take with the lemon beurre blanc sauces, brewing form early in the morning and simmering or four hours.

It was time for us to board the Georgia Queen. As we approached the gang plank, we realized we had lost Donna Lee’s bag, with water, a hat and ticket stubs for the cruise. I quickly walked back to Vic’s. Michelle, our wonderful hostess, volunteered to run down to the tour bus to look for it. The bag was nowhere to be found. As our boat was starting to come to shore someone asked, “Are you the Dennis’? I have a bag for you.” And, sure enough, he had our tote bag. I don’t know how Michelle did it, but she persisted in her search, located the bag, and ran it to the boat.

I strongly recommend Vic’s On the River. It’s amazing! So, when you take your tour of Savannah (a must see), be sure and eat at Vic’s, and make the time to take the riverboat tour. As I wrote in Repeat Business: 6 Steps to Superior Customer Service and have said to my classes for 30+ years, “I’ve got the formula.” This is the formula to guarantee your success. This secret goes against everything ego tries to convince us of. If you want to be an overwhelming success in every area of your life – your marriage, a parent, a sibling, in your career, and in all your pursuits and relationships, go the extra mile. You’ll be a winner.

“By going the extra mile, you, too, can literally change your life and impact the lives of everyone you meet – with enthusiasm.” – Larry W. Dennis, Sr.

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