Customers are always complaining

Earlier today, I got an overdue haircut. First question as I climbed into the chair – “#2 or #3?”

What kind of question is this? Am I expected to know what tool the stylist is supposed to use? Seems to me they should ask, “How would you like your hair today?” then figure out what tool to use. I told her how I would like my hair cut.

I noticed the hard rock music before I got in the chair. Donna Lee, my wife, was getting her hair cut in the chair behind me. I heard her comment on the music. I said, “That heavy metal rock music is a little unsettling.”

The stylist responds, “I don’t have anything to do with the music.”

“Someone must.”

“Well, I could mention it to my manager.”

“I think I heard the lady in the chair across the way complaining about the music a few minutes ago.”

Now, look at the stylist’s response:

Yeah, people always have something to complain about: the masks, the long wait, the music.”

I didn’t respond. This is a perfect example of the wrong way to respond to a complaint.

She hears complaints all the time – maybe so, probably so, haircuts are high stress for a lot of people. They are dealing with the public, and the mask thing is the top complaint hair stylists hear. Knowing that the predictable response to complaints is defensiveness – who is responsible to train the “hairdresser” to respond to complaints professionally? Their manager!

The correct response to complaints doesn’t come naturally. the correct response is, “Thank you, Larry (remember: to check in I gave my name). I appreciate you mentioning it.”

Chances are she and the other hair stylists spend plenty of time complaining about all the complaints they hear. How much time is taken rehearsing, practicing the professional way to respond to complaints?

She did do one thing right. I saw her make a note for her manager about my complaint, but she didn’t tell me she was going to make the note – Big Mistake.

The action I want you to take is to reread the complaints section Step 3 of Repeat Business, make sure everyone in your world is well trained in the art of professionally handling complaints.

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