How a Bad Experience is Handled Can Create a Loyal Customer!

Wally, Operations Manager for an equipment rental and service provider in Camas, WA, told Session 4A of Turbo’s Leadership Development Lab (LDL):


“On the morning of January 2nd, 2016, my wife and my good friend drove to Shenanigan’s on the Tacoma waterfront to enjoy a 25-year-old tradition of New Year’s brunch at one of our favorite restaurants. Suzanne, Bill and I had just ordered a wonderful bowl of steamers. Upon eating these delicious, buttery clams, I bit down and immediately felt my tooth explode. I caught myself before swallowing and was able to retrieve my tooth and a small pebble. Immediately, I reached for my cell phone and had my wife snap a photo of my broken tooth and pebble. Then, I summoned the restaurant bar manager. She came over to the table and asked if she could be of assistance. I told her of the incident and she immediately offered her card and phone number. After listening to my experience, she offered to discuss the matter with the branch manager and the insurance for Ram International. As we finished our lunch, I left thinking ‘this is going to be a very expensive New Year’s.’

“Monday morning I was able to make an appointment with my local dentist. After his evaluation, he was able to build up my tooth and put a temporary fix on it. He informed me I would need a crown (ouch!) to the tune of $1786. He offered to submit it to Ram International insurance.

“I was contacted by Ram International’s insurance agent within 2 weeks and they sent a check for the full amount and a letter of sincere apology. I was completely surprised by this. What an outstanding, professional business. I will continue to support and patronize Ram International for years to come.


“The lesson I learned from the experience is the importance of always being prepared to speak the truth and document any incident with witnesses, pictures and notes. I also learned how important honesty is in customer service. What a difference is made in the view of the customer when a business honestly owns up to a problem.

“The action I call you to take is when a customer situation arises to prove your honesty and integrity with quick, courteous, generous action.

“The benefit you will gain is that honesty and integrity will reward you with a sense of accomplishment and repeat business for years to come.”

Customer complaints are inevitable, they are a moment of truth. Prepare yourself and your team to be on your best behavior when they come your way and you will create raving fans.


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