88 Keys to success

This past Saturday, at about 6:00PM, we headed off for Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International airport. Our trip wasn’t for me to fly back to Oregon to conduct Turbo Leadership Systems’ programs, the reason I’ve gone to the Atlanta airport for over fifty times in the past three of years. Instead, Donna Lee and I were meeting our son Barry who was flying from Portland to Jacksonville, FL.

Barry had a three-hour layover and hadn’t seen his mother since her heart surgery. He was eager to have some time with her. We got there early to find a restaurant to meet him in. As we were being seated at the TGIF restaurant, I noticed a lady with a book that said something about keys to success and old age. I mentioned the book to Donna Lee and said, “I want to take a closer look.”

I asked the lady, “Can I show your book to my wife?”

She said, “Sure!”

I took the book back and showed Donna Lee “88 Keys to Living a Long & Purposeful Life” by Hazel Ramsbotham, with a picture of the author on the cover. Now, I realized it was Hazel, the author, who I had borrowed the book from!

A few minutes later, when Hazel finished eating, she came over to speak to us. Hazel Ramsbotham is 92 years old, was a piano teacher most of her life. The book is called “88 Keys To Living A Long & Purposeful Life” because there are eighty-eight keys on a piano, and she authored the book when she was 88 years old. One of her five sons is a Delta pilot. Hazel has and does fly inexpensively, on standby, all over the world.

She told us about her life. She is one of the “young old’s” I wrote about in How To Turbo Charge You: 6 Steps To Tap Your True Potential (pg. 32 & 33). One of her favorite little sayings, “Everything works, and nothing hurts.” She challenged us to follow her diet regimen. She says, “I’d rather eat vegetables than be a vegetable.” She was a joy to meet.

The lesson I learned from this experience is when I asked if I could borrow her book, I intruded into Hazel’s space, and she welcomed the interruption. From that interruption, came a joyful experience. We never would’ve met Hazel if I hadn’t been curious and proactive.

The action I call you to take is to tune up your curiosity. Your increase in curiosity accompanied your proactivity, asking questions will lead to more harmony in all your life experiences. Remember the joy of a young child. Why are they so joyous? They never refrain from asking questions.

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