Throw The Rolls

Dramatize your ideas

Day twelve of our Coast-To-Coast Tour of America: About an hour’s drive north from Branson, MO. I thought I saw a sign that said “Lambert’s: Throw the rolls!” But we went by so fast; I wasn’t sure. I kept looking for another Lambert’s billboard. No success. It was time for our typical mid-afternoon meal of the day. I saw a familiar Village Inn sign, they have breakfast all day, so we stopped at the next exit.

I asked the hostess, “Am I in a lot of trouble for asking if there’s a Lambert’s up the road where they throw the rolls?” She said, “No, you’re not in any trouble, and, yes, just the next exit up.” “I’m a little embarrassed but I think we’re going to Lambert’s.” The hostess said, “I don’t blame you.” A fellow standing nearby said, “You’re gonna love it!” We drove to the next exit and Lambert’s Restaurant.

I’ve heard a lot about Lambert’s: Throw the Rolls from my brother Bill. For the past two years, we’ve been close to their Sikeston, MO location. In both cases, it was just too far out of our way. Now we could finally eat at “Throw the Rolls!”

There was quite a line outside. When we got in, it was pandemonium. Every table was in use. Lots of commotion. We had no more than gotten seated, when a fellow hollered, “Hot Rolls! Hot Rolls!” I raised my hand, and he threw one. Luckily, I caught it. I raised my hand the second time he threw another one over for Donna Lee. That was just the beginning. The meal was huge! In addition to what we ordered, they passed around sorghum for the rolls, black-eyed peas, fried potatoes, fried okra, and macaroni with tomatoes. The food just kept coming.

I was reminded of Leadership Principle #9 Dramatize Your Ideas. Lambert’s has, completely distinguished themselves from all other restaurants. Lambert’s is even recommended by their competitors! They’re not really in the restaurant business. They’re in the entertainment business, they’re in the “wowing you” business, they’re in the “thrilling you” business, they’re in the business of creating memories, turning every customer into a promoter, like my brother Bill.

How much was our lunch? I don’t remember, probably twice as much as we normally pay. The quality of the experience is remembered long after the price is forgotten! What are you doing so your customers have a “wowing” experience? What are you doing to ensure every customer tells at least three people how much they love doing business with you?


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