Reach 19 goals in 2019

Last Friday, on the drive from the Atlanta airport to Loganville, Georgia traffic completely stopped and then crawled along. I was tired and wanted to get home. I wondered, “What’s the holdup?” Construction? A major accident? We finally reached a fender bender because of a distracted driver who was looking at an earlier accident. It was when rubber-neckers lost focus on the road and traffic that a several miles long slowdown resulted. We were all delayed in reaching our destination because of distracted rubber-neckers.

We have all experienced the inconvenience and frustration these distractions cause. As I thought more about the experience and the root cause of the traffic jam, I began to see ‘distractions’ in a larger perspective. I asked our Thursday night Leadership Development LAB if they had ever set an important goal they could have achieved but didn’t reach? Everyone raised their hand.

My follow-up question was, “Why do we fail to achieve important goals we could have accomplished?” The answer is always the same – we lose sight of the goal. The question I hadn’t pondered is why do we lose sight of our goals? Now, I think I know – distractions! We are at that time of year when we naturally look over our shoulders at the past year’s disappointments, achievements, setbacks, and successes.

I urge you to set nineteen stretching, believable goals for 2019. Make them specific, measurable, and in writing. Set your goals in the eight areas of your life: Social, Spiritual, Mental, Physical, Family, Career, Lifestyle, and Financial. Write them in your mobile device, on 3 x 5 cards, even create an 8 ½ x 11 laminated page to hang in your shower. Keep your 2019 desired destination in front of your mind. Posting your nineteen goals in many places is the first step to reaching your nineteen 2019 goals. One of your goals may surface as more important to you than the others. Don’t let that be a reason for not setting goals in all eight areas. Setting goals in all eight areas are how you keep balance in your life.

None of the rubberneckers were out for a casual drive on Friday afternoon; they had a destination in mind, a place to go. And, still, they allowed themselves to be distracted. For 2019, this fresh New Year, to be all that it can be for you, determine your destination and put it in writing. Where do you want to be on December 31st, 2019 in all the important areas of your life? Keep your destination so clearly in focus that you cannot and will not be distracted. Some of your goals may seem daunting and overwhelming. Start with baby steps. Keep your eye on the prize, do not be distracted and you will realize your nineteen in 2019.