19 goals in 2019

In the last three Turbochargers, I suggested you set 19 goals for 2019. Are 19 goals in 2019 too many or too few for you? I wrote out my goals for 2019, with the idea of 19 in mind, 19 wasn’t enough. My initial list for 2019 is 25 goals.

In 1996, when I wrote How To Turbocharge You, I used John Goddard’s example. When John Goddard was 15 years old, he wrote his goals. He didn’t write 19. He wrote out 127. Of course, they weren’t for one year; they were a “Life List.” By the time he was 47 he had reached most of those goals including fly in a blimp, explore the Barrier Reef, ride an ostrich, climb the Matterhorn, study primitive cultures in the Congo, explore the Nile River, land on and take off from an aircraft carrier, and light a match with a 22 rifle. In his lifetime John Goddard completed all but a few of the goals from his original bucket list and hundreds more from subsequent lists.

What I am sure of is most people don’t have goals and those that do don’t set them high enough. It breaks my heart to see people who have great, unspeakable, potential experience so little of the good that could be theirs. What’s important may not be that you set 19 goals. What’s important is that you write down your 2019 goals.

Write them down, review them in the morning and evening. Begin to develop a plan for the achievement of each of your goals. If you’re not progressing at the speed that satisfies you, don’t give up.

I created 19 laminated copies of my goals for 2019. I am looking for the best, high impact locations to place them. Post your goals where you will see them most often: bathroom mirror, closet door, refrigerator door, computer desktop, the wallpaper of your iPhone, microwave door, beside your TV monitor, the dashboard of your car, in your wallet or purse, in your gym bag, above your toilet, wall of your bathtub, and the inside of your front door.

Don’t be so concerned with how you’ll achieve them. Let your first concern be how important they are to you. Imagine how you’ll feel when you’ve achieved them. Focus on how your life and the lives of other’s will be made richer by you achieving your goals. Whatever you do – write out your goals for 2019. Do it today!