Smooth Sailing

Recently I had the opportunity of spending several wonderful days with my brother Bill. He sold his Spokane, WA electrical contracting company and retired ten years ago. I love hearing him talk about his dreams. He dreams of owning a 40-foot yacht anchored in the San Juan Islands. He told me this has been his goal for most of his adult life. He said, “In two more years, it will be mine.” For decades the goal of owning a yacht has stretched and instilled energy in his daily life.

What distinguishes the successful person from the also-rans? What distinguishes those who begin life from the same starting point, the same high school, apprentice program, or college class? One ends up leading a major enterprise and the other remains on the bench of a lack-luster organization? What drives us forward or holds us back? The distinguishing factor isn’t inherent talent or intelligence. The major distinguishing characteristic is one has committed to specific, measurable, tangible goals. Goals that stretch them, influence their short-term decisions, create the thirst of desire that determines their destiny.

Let’s take the word “desire” apart. De·Sire. “De” as in divine, the spark of divinity. “Sire” as in giving life. True goals spring from your heart felt desires and give you the creative spark required for a vibrant life. Unfulfilled commitment to goals fed by the emotion of desire provide you with the persistence, the creativity, the determination that results in you making every moment of your days, months, and years matter. You may passively dream of the day to come when you can fish with a cane pole down on the river bank a mile from home.

My brother Bill demonstrates how desiring a stretch goal, that at first seemed way out there, impossible, crazy talk, has guided and goaded him on to the point where he will soon be fishing with the whales off the platform of his yacht. Your unrealized goals will empower the purpose that keeps you alive all of your life.

Again, what distinguishes the successful person from the also-rans? One has defined what they want, wish to achieve, what they desire to accomplish, and for my brother it looks like a 40-foot yacht. The other is drifting along with the current in a rusty dinghy driven by the outer circumstances that surround them.

Here are the six areas I have counseled and coached my clients to set goals in over the past 30+ years: Career, Physical, Mental, Financial, Family, and Spiritual. Once your goals have been established, activate yearly, monthly, weekly and daily Action Plans that will move you toward the achievement of both your personal and business goals. Through consistent effort! You will reach your long-range goals and through the process, enjoy a rich rewarding purpose filled life.

Putting the SUPER in Superintendent

is a 50-minute on-site workshop. This program brings into sharp focus the most important qualities and behaviors of the “SUPER Superintendent” who ensures you are the builder of choice and consistently “beat the bid.”

This 50-minute on-site workshop features all of the “-ations” that are characteristic of Turbo Leadership Systems training:

engaged participation
pertinent information
results in inspiration
personal motivation

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