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Founded in 1985 by Larry W. Dennis, Sr., Turbo Leadership Systems is an executive team building and leadership skills development organization. Turbo Leadership Systems has worked closely for 31 years with management teams of over 200 client companies in manufacturing, construction, distribution, food service, professional services, guest services, and healthcare.
Each Tuesday, we post a 500-word true story from leaders just like you. Benefit from what they’ve learned.

November 2018

New Nation Preparation

November 13th, 2018|

After choosing Captain Meriwether Lewis to head the Corps of Discovery, President Thomas Jefferson sent him to Philadelphia (the largest city in America with 81,000 residents).

Put Your Heads Together

November 6th, 2018|

My team members and I had wanted to have some time for training for our department for quite awhile.

October 2018

Mistaken Password

October 30th, 2018|

In April 2017 our company acquired new accounting software. Up to this point, I have been the only person in our office able to process payroll.

Stop Taking Work Home

October 23rd, 2018|

I know I'm an organized person and multi-task well. In spite of my ability to keep many 'plates spinning' simultaneously with very little stress, I had developed the bad habit of letting paperwork and PS's build up as the day unfolds.

Set Stretch Goals

October 16th, 2018|

We were working on the Center for Health & Healing at the Oregon Health Science University. My departmental goal was to assemble and complete the exterior panels in less time and eliminate some of the excessive overtime we were experiencing.

Take a Stand

October 9th, 2018|

What are you doing?
Gary, a supervisor for the production machine shop of a dental equipment manufacturer, told session nine of Turbo’s Leadership Development Lab:

“It was brought to my attention that one of […]

Window to Success

October 2nd, 2018|

Last week I was watching my crew as they were working very hard on the installation of some large replacement windows. When I saw how they were working, I realized that I could show them how to install these replacement windows twice as fast.

September 2018


September 25th, 2018|

Early in the morning of April 4th, 2017, my paving crew and I went to Tetherow Resort (Bend, Oregon) to pave a residential driveway. We were paving along getting things done as usual.

Happy Dance

September 18th, 2018|

It was about 7:30 Monday night in mid-January. We were in our company apartment in downtown Kapuskasing, Ontario. I asked Craig, one of my partners, "Do we have any corn chips?"


September 11th, 2018|

In the early spring of 2017 we visited one of our favorite spots on the North Oregon Coast. Fort Clatsop was Lewis & Clark's Corps of Discovery's, winter camp in 1805.