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For over 20 years, Larry W. Dennis, Sr. has written a weekly leadership insights post. Please enjoy and forward to others to read and enjoy.
Each Tuesday, we post a 500-word true story from leaders just like you. Benefit from what they’ve learned.

To Go or Not To Go?

June 7th, 2022|

Yesterday after Donna Lee‘s cardiac rehabilitation regimen in Conyers, Georgia we popped into the Publix grocery store to do some quick shopping. By the time we finished shopping, it was getting close to noon. With all those groceries beautifully displayed around us, we were both getting hungry. I said, “Should we go home or to Crab Harbor?”

Sage at the Gate

May 31st, 2022|

A traveler in the ancient Middle East approached a sage who was seated just outside the city gates. The traveler, curious about the people in the town, trying to decide if he should pass by or pass through the gates asked, "What kind of people dwell in this town?

Got A Quarter?

May 24th, 2022|

Over the past three years, we’ve fallen into the Sunday habit of going straight from church to Sister’s Family Restaurant, at the corner of Miller Bottom Road and Georgia Highway 20. I love the place!


May 10th, 2022|

This past Saturday, at about 6:00PM, we headed off for Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson International airport. Our trip wasn’t for me to fly back to Oregon to conduct Turbo Leadership Systems’ programs, the reason I’ve gone to the Atlanta airport for over fifty times in the past three of years.

Act As If

May 3rd, 2022|

Manuel Castenada graduated from Turbo Leadership Systems’™ Leadership Development Lab (LDL)™ #157in 1995 and then returned as a volunteer instructor to assist with three more ten-week LDL’s.

Wind Power

April 26th, 2022|

A crazy idea

Cruising along on the 27th day of our westbound 2021 Cross Country Adventure, we saw billboards advertising Elk Horn, IA’s Danish Windmill.

We agree, it’s a […]

Walter P. Chrysler

April 19th, 2022|

Day twelve of our eastbound 2021 Cross Country Adventure. We were heading east on U.S. Route 24, when I noticed a sign that read...

Another Crazy Idea

April 12th, 2022|

Speaking of “find a need and fill it,” (see The Turbo Charger October 5, 2021, #866 issue) take a look at this impressive ball point pen with hand sanitizer built into the barrel. Who thought of that?

Front Row Seat

April 5th, 2022|

This past Saturday, I attended in my first Georgia Street Rod Association (GSRA) monthly business meeting. The meeting was held at Street Side Classic’s showroom east of Atlanta in Lithia Springs, GA.

Do You Like Your Job?

March 29th, 2022|

Earlier today, Donna Lee was in the pre-op area of Piedmont Hospital in Athens, GA. She was being prepped for double by-pass open-heart surgery.