Cut your time in half!

Brandon, Bend, Oregon field supervisor for a Portland based windows and doors installation company, told session nine of the Bend Leadership Development Lab:

“Last week I was watching my crew as they were working very hard on the installation of some large replacement windows. When I saw how they were working, I realized that I could show them how to install these replacement windows twice as fast. I explained the short cut process they could follow that would require that they do only one cut out. I carefully showed them how to do the math and measurement calculations so they could cut once and set the windows. This approach is a quick way to reduce effort required by 50% and make at least a 30% savings in production time.

After explaining the procedure to them, I walked them through each part of the process, step by step on the next window opening. I asked them to do the math, make the cuts and take each step of the full processes.

“Then, I watched them as they made the third installation and explained to me what they were doing at each step of the way. They finished the job last Thursday under budget, with no overtime, and a little ahead of schedule.

“The lesson I learned from this experience is when I carefully follow Turbo’s 3 Step On-the-Job Training Process, even though I am the youngest guy in the location, I can teach an old dog new tricks.

“The action I call you to take is to be open minded with everyone on your crew, in your department, every one you work with, don’t be closed off for any reason. Accept the responsibility of teaching your team the things you have learned and know to empower them to improved performance.

“The benefit you will gain is pride in sharing your experiences and meaningful training will lead to greater pride, improved production, and reduced costs – you will beat the bid!

The obstacle of being younger than most of the people you supervise is a challenge many first time managers face. Brandon is an example for us of not let youth or your age be an excuse for not leading your team. One of the best ways you can earn the right, gain the respect of those you lead is to provide them with meaningful helpful tips, coaching, and training to make their jobs easier.

So, who on your team could benefit from a helpful tip from you? Stop making excuses for not training. Then, help them be brave enough to step in and give them a helping hand. You will earn their respect and create a winning team.