Make it Your Business to Build People

Julieann, ballroom dance studio Owner and Instructor, told Session 6 of Turbo’s Leadership Development Lab (LDL):

tc-09-27-16“When we were given our ‘Person Pearl‘ assignment at Session 2, I immediately thought of my sister, Heather. I really wanted to improve our relationship. Heather lives in Florida and we speak on the phone often. At times, I know that I have appeared to be a critic and have become impatient with her. Not surprisingly, she seems to ignore what I say, downplay or not show interest during some of our conversations. When talking with her these last three weeks, I would glance over at my 15 Leadership Principles card. I continued to remind myself to practice Leadership Principles #6 – Be An Active Listener, #7 – Play Yourself Down, and #12 – Avoid Dogmatic Declarations. Here is how I demonstrated Leadership Principle #4 – Provide Acknowledgement:

“Heather doesn’t really send gifts as a rule. However, she gave a thoughtful and special gift to our nephew, Scotland (yes, like the country). He recently turned 14 and she was there when he opened the gift from her – a package of business/contact cards with his name, phone number, and a cool design. She had my complete, rapt attention while telling me this story. She said his friend had eyes as big as saucers and exclaimed his desire for cards like that.


“I praised her for providing vision and encouragement for our nephew. She planted the seeds of his dream for the future – for him to have his own business. I told her how much I appreciated her doing good things for our family via our nephew. I know it built his confidence. I acknowledged her for planting the seeds of success in his life. He will always remember his first business cards his Aunt Heather gave him.

“Our relationship has opened to create an opportunity for even more sharing and trust. I thought fondly of Heather every time I touched the wadded paper (my ‘pearl’) in my pocket. I’ve learned there’s magic in those thoughts when I put those thoughts into action. Maybe the magic is love.

“The lesson I learned from this experience is when

I consciously practice the 15 Leadership Principles, I improve my relationships. When I change my focus from critic to champion, from a spec spotter to a supportive strength seer, I create the changes I want in my relationships.

“The action I call you to take is look for opportunities in your world to appreciate, acknowledge and praise the people you care about. Make it your business to build people up, withhold criticism, and eagerly give praise.

“The benefit you will gain is peace, joy, personal happiness, and a greater sense of personal satisfaction. You will become more conscientious in conversations, spread kindness, and be a positive role model for others.”

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