Where To From Here?

Deciding is half done

(continued from Volunteering’s Ripple Effect Volume XVIII Issue 916 March 14h, 2023 …)

No one knew about the decision-making grid I’d created in the middle of the night six months earlier. In the privacy of a small cold hotel bedroom, I created a graph to evaluate the desirability of all territories I thought might be opening over the next three years. They included Boston, MA, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, CA, Kansas City, MO, and Portland, OR. These were territories where the owners were getting older and would be retiring, or there were rumored problems.

I weighed all the territories against these criteria, on a one to ten scale:

  • Warmer climate than Detroit and Rockford
  • Good place to raise our three sons
  • State’s capital inside the territory
  • A good price

After running all these territories through my decision-making grid, Portland, OR came out on top.

Mr. Crom didn’t want me to tell anyone about my impending move. I told him I had to tell the chairman of the Winnebago County Republican Party. They needed to choose another candidate to run in my place for county board in the November general election. I’d just spent several thousand dollars on advanced promotion expenses for our Rockford fall classes. I made the unusual request to own and operate both territories for four months. He agreed for me to tell the Chairman of the Republican Party about my move, own, and operate both territories until my fall classes in Rockford were successfully underway.

The next few weeks flew by quickly, selling the territory, selling our house, one of our cars, organizing the Rockford classes, assigning instructors, and selling the territory. On Friday of the Labor Day weekend, we loaded our U-Haul truck, and hooked up our Ford Econoline. We had a sign on the back of the camper that said, “Oregon or Bust!” and off we went.

The lesson I learned from this experience is the power of setting specific goals with crystalized clarity.

As you plan for the second half of 2023, redouble your commitment to excellence in what you are doing today, and don’t be surprised when your future dreams come true sooner than expected.

“Secret of long-term success: commitment to excellence in what you are doing today.”

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