Bravely Shed Your “Shell” To Prepare for New and Better Adventures

Several years ago, our son, Larry Jr. and I visited Sea World, the life-size aquarium on the Seattle boardwalk. While I was there, I learned some interesting things about the hard shell lobster. Before that day, learning how lobsters grow had never been high on my list of priorities.


The only way a lobster can grow is to shed its shell at regular intervals. When its body begins to feel cramped inside the shell, the lobster instinctively looks for a safe spot to rest while the old, hard shell comes off. The exposed, pink membrane just inside begins to form the basis of its new, protective, hard shell. No matter where a lobster goes for this shedding process, it is very vulnerable. The currents can toss the lobster against a coral reef or it can be eaten by a predator. In other words, a lobster has to risk its life in order to grow!!

I found myself preoccupied with the lobster story for days after visiting Sea World. I finally realized that the lobster is a good example for Turbo’s Leadership Development Lab (LDL). The lobster teaches us that the only way to succeed in our dynamic, changing world is to learn and grow. This is because much of what we have learned and know has diminishing value, is worth less as each day passes.

We know when our shells have gotten too tight. We feel disappointed, disgusted, depressed, or frightened, fearful, and frozen, because life is no longer exciting, purpose-filled and challenging. We are doing the same old things day after day. We begin to feel bored, or we are doing the things we hate to do and are feeling stifled in our “shells.”

Instead of growing, some of us slowly smother in our old shells when we are no longer useful or productive. This way, we can at least feel safe. This is a false security. Others are luckier. Even though they know they will be vulnerable, that there are dangers ahead, they realize they must take risks, change, and grow or they will suffocate.


I invite you to share the party as Turbo Leadership Systems helps several dozen more courageous leaders shed their old shells, despite the dangers, in order to be prepared for new and better life and career adventures. Begin your journey to develop a much larger “shell” in our open-enrollment Leadership Development Lab (LDL) classes sponsored by the Salem Contractors Exchange, the Southwest Washington Contractors Association, and the Northwest Utility Contractors Association this fall in Salem, Tualatin and Vancouver. We will begin soon. Don’t wait to sign up, classes are limited in size and first-come, first-serve.

Are you ready to become an Engaging Leader?

Fall Leadership Development Labs are forming now in Wilsonville, Salem and Vancouver.