Caribbean Honeymoon

“Good things happen to us.”

(continued from The Ripple Effect Volume XII, Issue 861 August 31, 2021…)

Being an instructor of the Sales Course required about the same amount of time I’d devoted to being an Instructor’s Assistant. My routine didn’t change much either. I continued selling the Sales Course during the day and teaching it in the evenings.

To everyone’s surprise, Dick left the business about a year after I was certified as an instructor.

Ralph asked me to take over the management of the Sales Course Operations for greater Detroit. Within two years, I’d taught more Sales Course sessions than 90% of the hundreds of certified instructors worldwide. I was getting good at it.

Ralph knew he could trust me explicitly and that I was far more than earning my keep.

In the fall of 1968, the Barbados/Trinidad franchisee was starting three 12-week Sales Courses™. Having six instructors, each for a two-week stint from the United States added extra cache to the course. He asked Ralph if I could be one of the 6 instructors he needed. Ralph agreed to cover my Detroit classes for two weeks. So, off Donna Lee and I went 2,500 miles in a twin-engine prop, the first-time Donna Lee had ever flown. It was a like a second honeymoon, maybe more like a first honeymoon. We were treated like celebrities. I taught the class two nights a week in Barbados and one night a week in Tobago, Trinidad.

The ripple that Dick had started when he brought me into the business was spreading beyond our U.S. shores.

Soon, I was certified to teach the Customer Relations Course™ and not long after, all five of the Carnegie courses. My income was up to $15,000 then $20,000 a year. We bought our dream home in Detroit, a center entrance, brick colonial on a tree-lined street. We were living below our means and saved enough money to buy the house next door for cash.

I was learning firsthand the truth of Ralph Waldo Emmerson’s Essay on Compensation when I delivered with excellence to a larger and larger public, no one or nothing can keep my good from coming to me.

The action I call you to take is to look for every way you can find to deliver your service with even greater excellence to a wider and wider public. Don’t worry about getting paid enough, only concern yourself with doing an even greater service to a larger and larger audience.

Do this and you will be rewarded in bigger and better ways than you can even imagine.

Excellence today paves your way to a great tomorrow.

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