Zach told Session 6 of the Leadership Development Lab (LDL):

“I started on Valentine’s Day 2011 as manager of a 6-year-old tire and auto repair store in Northwest Portland, OR. The store had a history of bad managers that didn’t do the right things. We put in new lifts, did a complete remodel, and installed a new point of sale electronic invoice program; a lot changed. I have re-established the location as ‘our’ community, neighborhood automotive center.

“One of our techs has been in our store since day one. He is skilled, charismatic, and has broad diverse knowledge. Here is the problem: he thinks our performance standards are more like suggestions to be followed when convenient, if he’s in the mood. His erratic attitude swings extremely both on and off the spectrum, way up or way down. He has been a repeat offender of our policies and standards. In spite of his knowledge, skill and experience, his productivity is low. He has a foul mouth and can be very cocky.

“Our company has instituted Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) guidelines that we developed as a group through brainstorming with everyone’s input. Starting about a year ago and with a Turbo thrust in the last six weeks, I have instituted many Leadership Development Lab principles and processes. Piggybacking these into our SOP has been amazing. This technician started bringing up mid-service check-ins and his work orders are being completed legibly even with explanation when needed. He shaved, stopped smoking in the shop, and began answering the phone in a professional, friendly manner. He even produced several 100% productivity days. I was pleased to see his life was coming together outside of the shop as well, things were really starting to turn around.


Unfortunately we discovered him doing things no tech, especially a tech with 20-year veteran status should do. He failed to put parts in cars, he pencil whipped some work orders, and wasn’t doing a quality inspection. Any one of these is a deal breaker. It became crystal clear what had to be done for the benefit of the shop, and integrity of the company. He is no longer on the team.

“The lesson I learned is that positive reinforcement overcomes negative thought. Continuously praising someone for their abilities, hobbies and life helps change negative behavior. I also learned that when these principles are applied to SOP and Company Policies, managing our problems is easy.

“The action I call you to take is compliment, encourage, and listen to your employees. If the behavior doesn’t change then try some on-the-job training, problem solving, and brainstorming. Still not getting through then really be an active listener, use the DARE+ correction method and hold people accountable. Let them know that unacceptable behavior, short-cutting work processes, and bad habits will not be tolerated!


“The benefit you will gain is employees who are the best of the best, no time wasters, only superstars, a grade A team.”


Plan now for Turbo’s Fall Leadership Development Labs Portland, OR / Vancouver WA


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