Drive fear out of your workplace

Recently we kicked off the 3rd year Employee Opinion Survey process, Turbo’s Cultural Benchmark Survey (CBS), with an important long-term client. We conducted a similar process for them in the third quarter of 2014.


A technician who has been with the organization for a short time, and was not a part of the program in 2014, said “I know this survey isn’t confidential. You can’t convince me this is confidential.” I said, “There’s no place for your name. Please place your survey in an envelope with the others.” He said, “Yeah, but they can recognize my hand writing.” I said, “No one from your organization will ever see this form. The forms you are writing on will be compiled at our office and then destroyed.” His survey comments were valuable and would be analyzed. He was adamant. I’m not sure I ever convinced him of the confidentiality of his input.

The fear he exhibited is one reason why we hand out and collect the Turbo CBS survey in organization meetings. Since he was afraid of turning in a hand-written survey, we can be certain he would never speak up in a department or company meeting about anything of importance. Reluctance to speak up is an easily recognized symptom of workplace fear. Fear causes stress in the workplace, makes people hesitant in decision-making, slows processes, and guarantees an organization will never work at 100% capacity.


W. Edwards Deming one of the founders of the worldwide quality movement’s eighth practice of his “14 Points for Total Quality Management” is “Drive out fear, so that everyone may work effectively for the company.” One indication of fear can be seen before and after a meeting. Before the meeting everyone is talking, laughing, involved. The boss walks in, the meeting begins, and it seems like folks lose the ability to speak. Few people offer suggestions or ask questions. Then, after the meeting everyone is in small groups talking about meeting agenda items. Fear robs the spirit of an organization. Fear spreads quickly and the health of the workforce is at risk.

You can only “drive out fear” with determined, persistent, proactive effort. You will build trust if you:

Driving out fear is an endless journey. Start today. The path is paved with payoffs.


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