Make Sure You Go the Extra, Extra Mile

Steve, Project Manager for a mechanical contractor told Session 5 of the Leadership Development Lab (LDL):


“In February 2012, on the #10 paper machine of a client’s paper mill, our firm’s millwrights were changing out four felt rolls as a part of a 1-day shutdown. The work had been planned and scheduled accordingly. On the morning of the shutdown, our client’s maintenance planner asked us to change out one additional felt roll they had planned on doing themselves, but couldn’t get to. Taking charge, we told them we would jump in and get the roll changed. At the end of the day, the shutdown was successful and on schedule, including the extra felt roll they asked us to install at the last minute. Our crew felt good about responding instantly to this request for above and beyond service at a moment’s notice.

“Four days later, we got a call from the mill regarding a bearing that had burned up on the extra roll we had installed. The burned out bearing had required that they shut down the machine. They stated that the roll had not been lubricated prior to start up. The mill had gotten the machine going again, but they were having vibration issues with the roll and were concerned that it may be permanently damaged.

“A meeting was scheduled with the mill to discuss the extra roll installation and the potential issues with the bearing and impending shutdown. Prior to the meeting, we met with our mill contact. We had stated that we were not responsible for lubrication of any rolls on the machine, so if that was the issue, why were we part of the meeting? Our mill contact agreed that we were not responsible for the lubrication of the roll prior to start up and stated that he did not see any issue with our firm regarding the problem with the roll.


“At the meeting, our mill contact stated that our firm was responsible for the bearing failure and impending shutdown. They expected us to pay for a new roll and the installation of that new roll. BOY, WAS I MAD … STABBED IN THE BACK AND THROWN UNDER THE BUS! We ended up negotiating a shared responsibility, and it is behind us now, but I am STILL MAD ABOUT IT!

“The lesson I learned from this experience is to always live from a place of integrity, to document all agreements, and when in doubt, to go the extra, extra mile. The action I call you to take is to always exercise the courage required to tell the truth and to be honest in all of your communication and actions. The benefit you will gain is true confidence. Others will respect you, you will gain their trust and have true personal power.”

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