Smooth Sailing When You Are Systematic

Tyler, Water Works Sales Manager for a Construction Supply company in Tigard, OR, told Session 7A of Turbo’s Leadership Development Lab (LDL):


“Consolidated has worked for many years with a great underground contracting company. Through the years, we have dealt with several payable issues that have strung out much longer than they should. Everyone can attest that dealing with collections is not the easiest subject to deal with. So the past-due receivable situation finally came to a head. Our client had qualified for our yearly Trip Promotion to Costa Rica that the company owner and wife were eagerly looking forward to. One of the parameters of traveling is that the client company cannot have any outstanding payables. One month before we had to close the books, a substantial amount of outstanding invoices had been identified. When we first received the list from accounting, we all agreed that there was NO WAY this company will be able to travel! There were too many issues, invoices and debts to be resolved. Instead of jumping to illogical assumptions, we systematically broke down the invoices and came to a unified front. We identified all of the invoices the customer needed to pay in full and other invoices that needed to be addressed to correct billing errors. Then I set up an appointment when we sat with the customer – we really didn’t know for sure what we were walking into. Could have been a buzz saw! But to our surprise, the customer appreciated the extra effort that we put forth in addressing these invoices. As we went through in detail, the story of each unpaid invoice, our client agreed to pay all the invoices that we identified and we easily negotiated the disputed invoices – finding common ground. Our customer gave us a check for the full amount of all agreed on past-due invoices and thanked us again, as we thanked them for the opportunity to meet and continue to serve all their construction supply needs. We left the meeting knowing that they will continue as a loyal partner client. I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders.


“The lesson I learned from this experience is not to make snap judgments about things that seem out of my direct control. If a problem arises, systematically break it down into digestible parts – then systematically address each issue one step at a time and move on!

“The action I call you to take is to approach each obstacle, all obstacles you face with optimistic enthusiasm. If you start to feel overwhelmed, break the tasks down to bite-sized pieces.

“The benefit you will gain is relieving yourself of anything that’ll stand in the way of your success and growth. You will sail into a sunny paradise.”


Turbo’s Leadership Development Lab is returning to Vancouver and Salem

Turbo’s Leadership Development Lab (LDL) dramatically enhances your leadership team’s ability to give supportive feedback, build trust, gain respect, sell ideas, and empower others for improved results.

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