Listening Brought Back Sight, Creating New Vitality

Teresa, President of an excavation company in Vancouver, WA, told Session 6 of Turbo’s Leadership Development Lab (LDL):


“In December, just before Christmas, my 79-year-old aunt was in a rehab facility. I was hearing the term ‘failure to thrive’ from several of her doctors. How could this be? She was so ill when I moved her from her home in Arizona into our home and I had been diligent in making sure her body was getting everything it needed in order to function again. I made sure she was getting good nutrition three times a day (not a simple task with an anaphylactic-level allergy to soy), her medications were taken correctly and on schedule, and she was making it to every dialysis appointment and doctor appointment.  She had been getting better, and then started sleeping more, complaining of pain in her abdomen, but couldn’t pinpoint where. She was deteriorating right in front of my eyes. How could I do more?

“I started taking Turbo Leadership classes in February. We were given 15 Leadership Principles to study and memorize, but more than that, Larry Dennis motivated us to start applying them at home and work. So, I applied Leadership Principles #2 (Become Genuinely Interested) and #6 (Be an Active Listener) with my aunt.

“When she spoke, I really started listening. Her phrases ‘your home,’ ‘do you mind if I,’ and ‘I’m a burden in your home’ made me realize she was not in HER home. She had lost everything familiar to her.

“I stopped being her Caretaker and started asking what kind of things she liked doing. She told me she liked Sudoku, reading and cooking, but her eyesight was really bad and she couldn’t stand long in the kitchen.

“Working with her doctor, we got in-home physical therapy established to get her up on her legs safely. We purchased a walker on wheels just for the kitchen and put a tray on it, so she can sit, wheel herself around and move items with ease. She is now cooking dinners for the family and is able to cook all her own meals.


“We went to the eye doctor and discovered she had cataracts. She has had one surgery and is able to see 20/25 from her left eye! Her right eye is scheduled in two weeks and she is already able to read and play Sudoku as much as she likes.

“We brought in her end table and lamp from storage to go next to her lift chair. We went through all of her clothes and have hung several pictures in our house. We are using her silverware and cooking utensils in the kitchen.

“At her 79th birthday dinner this last Saturday, she explained where to plant flowers in our backyard before the Easter Egg Hunt and was able to go enjoy her birthday massage without her wheelchair!

“The lesson I learned from this experience is when I take the time to become genuinely interested and practice active listening skills, I am able to empower change in others without them realizing it. I am able to help others find their self-worth.

“The action I call you to take is show how much you truly care by taking the time to listen actively.

“The benefit you will gain is creating renewed vitality in the lives of those you care for.”

Congratulations to the graduates of the Leadership Development Lab from Vancouver!


Our open-enrollment Leadership Development Lab (LDL) in Vancouver graduated last week. Tremendous growth was achieved and lives were changed. Thanks to everyone who participated to help make this class a success!