Put Real Enthusiasm Toward Your Resolutions

 Mike, Foreman for an electrical contractor in Battle Ground, WA, told Session 7B of Turbo’s Leadership Development Lab:


“When we moved into our home on February 15, 2003, my hardwood floors were stunning. Fast forward to October 2, 2016 (my wife’s birthday), our floors were worn to raw wood throughout the house. The only varnish left was on the outside edges near the baseboards. I knew we had to refinish the floors, but I was dreading the project. We had priced out having the floors professionally refinished. Our entire main floor is wood – 1600 square feet! The lowest bid I could find was $5000. At Session 3 of the LDL when my instructor, Larry Dennis, challenged us with the 5X More Enthusiasm assignment, I made a vow to tackle the floors myself. In just one week, before Session 4, we moved the entire family downstairs. The move included the fridge, dishwasher (had to disconnect it), range, all furniture, beds, dressers, pots, pans, and the washer and dryer. This was a huge job! Our children responded with excitement, seeing the experience as an adventure and we temped up living quarters in the basement. I purchased all the material and tools we needed and rented two sanders for the floor. All the expenses totaled up to $950. Our children helped my wife and myself in the tedious process of sanding the floors smooth. We actually had fun working late into the evenings. In less than a month, before Session 7, we moved back upstairs on to our better-than-new hardwood floors that shine with a luster that only the pride of personal workmanship can bring!

“The lesson I learned from this experience is when a project feels too big or is a burr in my saddle, make a vow, set a deadline and say to myself ‘I can do this. I will do this’ and just do it!

“The action I call you to take when you see a job that needs to be done is not to procrastinate, tackle your project with 5X More Enthusiasm.

“The benefit you will gain when you put your mind and willpower toward your project is that winning feeling that always comes when goals are achieved. You will discover for yourself that the sky is the limit.”


Mike could have done what most of us may have done, hired a floor finishing company for $5000 to do the work, move his family to a hotel and when the floors were finished, moved back home. Where is the fun in that? Where is the adventure in that? Where is the story in that? Mike helped to create a story that defines who he and his family are – resilient, resolved, capable, resourceful, a family, a tribe to belong to, to be proud of. This finishing floors story will be repeated over and over, possibly for generations to come. What stories are you creating with your family? Your team? Your tribe? Your stories define you. Make your story worth telling!

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