Just keep chugging along.

Last Saturday after spending much of the day Friday cleaning up my 1937 Ford four-door street rod, I headed off for the cruise-in in Buford, GA about 30 miles away. This was the longest trip I’ve taken in the car. I wasn’t sure what to expect. Got along fine on the expressway but in stop and go traffic it was overheating.

I enjoyed showing the ’37 and looking at the other 186 cars. Things were going fine when I headed back to Loganville on I-285. Then the car started acting like it was running out of gas. I pulled over on the expressway with cars flying by, restarted again, with the same halting.

I called AAA. The recording said it would be 25 minutes before they would return my call. It was twilight now. Where can I buy a fuel filter at 7:30pm on Saturday?

I exited the expressway, and the ’37 did better at slower speeds. Finally, got into Lawrenceville, came around a corner, there was AutoZone all lit up:

“How can we help you?”

“I need a fuel filter. Is there was anyone who could help?” A big ask.

“You’re in luck! We happen to have a great mechanic.”

David was waiting for his girlfriend, Jennifer to get off work.

David carefully replaced the fuel filter. He is the kind of pragmatic, cautionary, analytical, mechanic I need to sort out the air conditioning, cooling system, windshield wipers, and dead short issue. David has just moved here from Florida, lives just a short distance from our house and came over Friday to analyze the dead short. With a street rod, it takes an analytical approach to sort out any issue. If I hadn’t stalled on the expressway, I wouldn’t have found David and he wouldn’t have adopted my 37 Ford as his personal project.

Many years ago, I read W. Clement Stone’s Success Through A Positive Mental Attitude. Mr. Stone made a dramatic impression when he said, “Respond to everything that happens to you by saying, “That’s good.” It’s hard to see how “bad” things can be good. If the car hadn’t stalled, I would still be at the mercy of garages who are too busy. Now I have my own personal mechanic. An answer to prayer which was a bigger “ask” than I was willing to pray for.

The lesson I learned from this experience is a wonderful reminder to respond to all life’s troubling circumstances by saying, “That’s good.”

The action I call you to take is to make this leap of faith, begin the practice of responding to everything life throws your way by saying, “That’s good.”

The benefit you will gain is a personal sense of empowerment. You will be on an upward trajectory. You will be an inspirational example for those in need of hope.

Response to life’s stumbling blocks,
“That’s Good!”

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