Making a list, checking it twice

Matt, project engineer for a bridge, tunnel and elevated highway construction company in Eugene, OR told Session 7B of Turbo Leadership System’s Leadership Development Lab (LDL):

“When I received my 5X Red Dot, and the admonition to apply 5X more enthusiasm – ‘commitment in action’ to one of my stalled projects. I knew immediately where I needed renewed commitment. I knew I needed better time management practices in my work and daily life. I hadn’t been using my time management know how as well as I knew I could. Employing time management skills was something I excelled at in college.

Good time management practices helped me become a far more efficient learner at OSU. I developed excellent study skills and made the most of each day. Since graduation in 2017, my time management skills have seriously deteriorated. I had thought of my new professional self as being ‘too busy’ to plan and write out my day to day activities.

“I began to apply 5X more enthusiasm to my time management. I created prioritized ‘to-do’ lists, got a weekly planner and placed a calendar strategically on my desks at work and at home. I ‘pre-scheduled’ times to do various tasks and attend to events on my list. There is something to be said about writing things down – I found that I became more committed to doing the things I had just thought about the day before. Putting a time frame around each of the items on my list required even more of a commitment to the task. Each line-item I crossed off my ‘to-do’s, when completed, gave me a sense of satisfaction and accomplishment. The further reward came as I looked back at a list with all my to-do items struck through.

Having my days and weeks planned out in advance is beneficial because there’s no time wasted contemplating, scratching my head about what to do next.

“The lesson I have learned from my new disciplined approach to time management is when I consult and prioritize my list, the ball stays in motion, so I stay in motion; positive habits follow and things get done.

“The action I call you to take is to make a list of everything you think of that you want or need to do, prioritize your list and check your list at least twice – daily.

“The benefit you will gain is focus; concentrated effort without hesitation or the loss of time, you will accomplish your priority tasks. This will lead you to achieving your goals and fulfilling your dreams.”

Are you looking for ways to get more done in less time? There is no simple answer and every situation is different. You will find 89 great suggestions in one of the Leadership Development Lab’s four reference books Making Moments Matter: 89 Tools for Taking Charge of Your Time, Larry W. Dennis, Sr.