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Murray, NICET LEVEL III Designer for a full-service design and construction company in Salem, OR had this to say six months after his graduation from Leadership Development Lab (LDL) #285:

“You may remember, my Session 3, 5x More Enthusiasm goal I set was to get my CNC router working. I was excited back in 2018 when I bought the router kit. During the assembly of the router, while I was testing the electronics, the motor controller failed. I sent it back for repair. By the time the damaged component was returned, we were into the new year. I was busy with several home improvement projects. While the router was mostly complete, it just sat in my garage collecting dust.

“Our Turbo class started toward the end of 2019. When Larry challenged us to make a renewed commitment to a stalled project, I knew what I wanted to do. I dusted off and started working on my router with 5X more enthusiasm. I ran into more electrical problems, and once again, damaged the motor controller. My initial thought was to just wait, but I was committed to having it running by Session 7. I purchased the needed electronic components and assembled them on my own. Four weeks later at Session 7, I was able to report to the class that my router was running!

“Now that I had it running, what was I going to make? My wife saved the old cedar boards when we replaced our fence last year. She encouraged me to make rustic signs out of the boards. I designed signs in the shape of Oregon, that have a slogan or symbol (fish, mountain, elk, etc.) on them. My wife posted them on Facebook Marketplace. The response was amazing! We have sold over 100 of them.

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LDL #285

“I’ve spent most of my evenings producing signs. All the work made me realize my original machine was inadequate. So, I purchased a new, larger, more solidly built router. Learning how to build the electronics for my first machine helped me understand how to build them on my second machine. This saved me a considerable amount of money.

“We had hoped to sell our signs at the local craft shows, but COVID-19 closed most of the venues. Even with the limited exposure, the response to our signs has been great, and we look forward to more success next year.

“I’m enjoying my new hobby/business, and I want to thank you for the 5X Enthusiasm Challenge. It was the catalyst I needed to get this going.”

“We sometimes forget all we really need to be happy is to have something to be enthusiastic about.”
– Anonymous

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